Know Us By Our Names: 100 Influential Latinas Who Changed the World

Now, for the first time, the stories of 100 incredible Latina women are available in one inspiring book, Know Us By Our NamesLearn about the brave Latina who saved Pancho Villa's life by mobilizing women and children to defeat 15,000 invading U.S. soldiers. Discover the courageous Latina who led one of the first slave rebellions in the Americas. 

You'll find yourself amazed, wondering, "Why didn't I ever learn about her in school!? Why hasn't anyone made a movie her?" And that's the point. We should have learned about them in school. And someone should make movies about them.  


Join award-winning investigative journalist and NY Times bestselling author Alisa Valdes-Rodriguez on a fascinating journey to uncover the lives and times of  100 incredible Latina leaders history tried to erase. Let's start to reclaim our collective story here, with this book. Buy it for yourself and everyone you know. Let's get the word out!



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